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Supporting Documents for the Unitary Status Plan

Unitary Status Plan (in PDF) | En Español(PDF)

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On April 14, 2018, we added items #2099 through #2101 (and exhibits) to the Special Master Annual Reports page.


  • Early/Mid 70's: case brought by parents against TUSD
  • 1978-2009: TUSD operating under court supervision and stipulation of settlement
  • 2009-2011: TUSD declared unitary; district removed from court supervision
  • 2011: TUSD unitary status revoked; district placed back under court supervision
  • 2012: Special Master appointed
  • 2013: Unitary Status Plan and Appendices finalized and released; First Annual Status Report and 2012-2013 Annual Report released
  • 2014: Plans developed for implementing the USP projects; Second USP Status Report and Second Annual Report released; Corrected Unitary Status Plan filed with the Court
  • 2014: SY 2013-14 Annual Report released
  • 2015: SY 2014-15 Annual Report Released
  • 2016: SY 2015-16 Annual Report Released
  • 2017: SY 2016-17 Annual Report (and Annex) Released

See also Deseg Timeline - Infographic (in PDF)

Student/Parent Complaint

As described in the Students Rights and Responsibilities, students and parents have a right to file a complaint to their principal, assistant principal, or the Department of Student Equity.

Student/Parent Complaint Form: Exhibit JICK-E1 (in PDF)